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Monday, 4 May 2015

Adders at Parc Slip Nature Reserve - 4th May 2015

On the 4th May 2015 we saw our first ever adder! We had visited Parc Slip Nature Reserve two weeks previously and walked slowly where they are usually seen, but to no avail we didn't see any. Then on this sunny Saturday we ventured once more and our patience and commitment paid off!

Curled up in the leaves was the most beautiful adder, the colours were so vibrant and he stayed still so we managed to get a few good pics. We were so excited and after a few moments admiring him we left him be and walked around the rest of the reserve. It wasn't long before we ventured back where he was to see if we could see him again and low and behold there he was posing on a log! This time we managed to get video too.

Here are some of the pics and the video...

Video of the adder...

A few other notable creatures were so butterflies, a large white and a speckled wood.

Large white butterfly
Speckled wood butterfly